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Grainfields Bakery is an artisan bakery established in 1983 in Ontario. The original philosophy has always been using sourdough and natural whole grains to make breads.


Sourdough without baker's yeast makes bread ferment slower than breads baked with yeast. It takes about twenty-four hours to make a sourdough bread without baker's yeast. Breads with baker's yeast takes about one and a half to two hours to ferment. Due to the extended fermentation time in the sourdough, sugar in the dough is more efficiently dissipated (as much as 45% in some studies). Grainfields Bakery recognizes many people are watching their sugar intake and the amount of sugar in a regularly yeasted bread is a major concern for many health experts. We strive to create an alternative to commonly found yeasted breads.

Breads with ancient grains such as spelt and kamut are the mainstays in our production. We also make rye and barley breads. The flour we use is made by whole grains to maximize the benefits of natural fiber.

Grainfields Bakery also believes all current and new 
breads we make should not contain unnecessary ingredients in the bread-making process. Breads should retain the original natural flavour of the grains without any forms of additives or chemicals (e.g. kamut bread should taste like kamut). Since we were established in 1983, we have been making all breads using natural ingredients.


We are proud to continue this traditional bread-making method in our bakery and serve our customers
with the highest quality products.


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